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The Jenny Kayne Treetop retreat seamlessly blends comfort and simplicity, achieving a curated aesthetic that's both inviting and snug. Amidst the current design trends awash with warm colors, their design team took a daring step to reimagine gray. This modern interpretation of the classic color serves as the perfect canvas to showcase their warmer neutral beige furniture, epitomizing the Jenni Kayne effortlessly calming signature look.

The deliberate mix of materials, blending both modern and traditional elements, crafts an atmosphere that exudes peace and sophistication. As avid admirers of a neutral palette at MLH, it's safe to say we are smitten with the monochrome heaven that reigns here. The strategic use of greenery and vintage accents enhances the lived-in, yet refined, ambiance of this home.

One standout feature is the detached garage—a farmhouse transformed into a charming loft. Jenni Kayne artfully retained the farmhouse's charm and character while introducing modern touches like an updated kitchen and a contemporary fireplace. This transformation exemplifies a trend we're encountering in nearly every project we undertake.

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