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Mindy Laven is a Southern California based interior designer who gained attention via a Newport Beach project that captured the quintessential old school surf aesthetic of California beach towns. It was this signature project where Mindy established the vintage vibe that is the calling card she is known for.

Coastal beach home, located in Huntington Beach California. Designed by Mindy Laven

Mindy Laven

Mindy Laven, a Southern California based interior designer, is most notably known for capturing the quintessential old-school surf aesthetic of California beach towns through many of her unforgettable projects. Her work has been featured in various acclaimed publications, including American Farmhouse Style, Cottages and Bungalows, The Effortless Chic, and many more.
Never settling for the mundane, Mindy sets out to create something classically memorable and special in everything she designs. She imbues a casual but curated Southern California vibe into each of her projects, always aiming to create the feeling of home tailored to the people who will live there.
Mindy lives in Orange County with her husband, Greg. Together they have two daughters, Charlotte and Olivia, and two fur babies, Tucker, and Duke. You can often catch a glimpse of Tucker and Duke starring in her lifestyle videos and project photos. 
When she's not designing homes, Mindy can be found sailing around the SoCal coastline, horseback riding through the Santa Ynez Valley, or hosting dinner parties for her family and friends.


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