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My Thanksgiving decor this year showcases all the vegetables the fall harvest has to offer.

In going with this minimal approach, I deconstructed what Thanksgiving has come to mean. For many, this is the one time of year you get to see your loved ones. We come together around a beautiful table and enjoy dinner, cocktails and most importantly each other's company. My approach for both my table and mantle was to take all the fuss out of the decor and really have fun with it.

Using a cornucopia as my staple decor item, I adorned my space with fresh vegetables and fruit. I added tall taper candles and wines that pair perfectly with my Thanksgiving dinner and then used my finished dishes to fill in spaces! In taking this approach, I see it as an opportunity to spend more time with family. This would be a great activity to do with yours too.

You can plan a visit with your loved ones to your local farmers market and see what their fresh offerings are.

Make lists so you can put together a menu that takes advantage of the fall produce and then prepare your dinner and adorn the table with the leftover pickings. Not only will you have an abundant table, but you will have fresh produce the following week to use! As always, adapt your own style and taste in your decor to make it truly yours! Below we have gathered all the things that went into making my decor come together. We hope you will find some things that inspire your table this year!




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