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Stuffed Mini Pumpkins

I don't think it gets any cuter or more delicious than these adorable little mini pumpkins. The recipe is super simple and the result is nothing short of impressive! Once baked, you can even eat the entire pumpkin, shell, and all! But don't eat the stem. - ha ha! recipe


6 mini pumpkins 2 tbsp. butter softened Rice pilaf mix Chicken broth 1/2 C chopped pecans 1/2 C cranberries 1 tsp each: sage and thyme 1tbsp Orange zest Salt and pepper to taste


-6 Mini Pumpkins: Remove the tops (Check out the video for an easy way to do this). Scrape out all of the seeds. Brush the insides with butter. -Prepare a store-bought box of rice pilaf. Substitute chicken broth for the water. -Add 1/2 C each of chopped pecans and cranberries. Mix thoroughly. Add salt, pepper, sage and thyme. -Mix in 1 tbsp. of orange zest. -Stuff each pumpkin with the rice mixture leaving a little room at the top. -Put the lids back on your pumpkins and bake 45 minutes to 1 hour. Pumpkins should be fork tender when they are done The perfect complement to your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving table!




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