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Shop The Project: Peninsula Living Room


The Peninsula Project was such a transformation… from frat house to family home, truly one of my favorite projects. We wanted an old school surf vibe with an air of sophistication here. All of our selections were made with that in mind. The rattan console is a new piece but has a vintage feeling. We paired that piece with a tortoise shell, wooden bowling pins, and nautical art to add authenticity. Lots of style but nothing too precious for the grandchildren that are often running around here! Next to the tv, a rustic wooden bench and a vintage black crock with a miniature olive tree make for the perfect vignette. Texture is super important to this design story. I love a mixture of, leather, wood, and fabric in every room I do. The nubby rug, sheepskin throw and big leather chair, are pieces that work together to give this room a comfortable, lived in feeling that any family would be happy to come home to!



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