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When Alison White, of Alison White Homes, invited us to collaborate on her personal residence, we couldn't have been more thrilled. Alison, a powerhouse developer in the Long Beach area, had previously teamed up with us on the Cedar House project. However, we found ourselves facing our first challenge: envisioning a beach house for 2023.

Eager to transcend the ordinary beach house aesthetic, we embraced this creative journey. Our first task was to curate a mood board that would serve as the guiding light for this distinct project. Alison kickstarted the process by articulating her dream for the home—a Hamptons-style beach house nestled in Southern California. It was a vision that resonated deeply with our team.

With the allure of a Hamptons-inspired residence in sunny Southern California, we dove headfirst into the project, ready to bring to life Alison's vision.

Crafting a mood board for our projects begins with a collection of images designed to evoke a specific feeling or vibe. We aim to weave a visual tapestry that encapsulates the very essence of our creative vision. As the page fills with carefully chosen images, the real inspiration unfolds as we immerse ourselves in the details.

The next step sees us exploring the common threads weaving through the photos, identifying shared elements that contribute to the desired mood. Concurrently, we pay attention to seemingly disparate images that often bring unexpected sparks of inspiration, allowing for a dynamic and layered approach to our design process.

Above, a curated collection of images unfolds, beautifully encapsulating the narrative we strive to convey. In our project development process, these mood boards serve as visual embodiments of our creative vision. They become catalysts for team discussions where we delve into the intentions and rationale behind the chosen elements, sparking the magic that shapes our collective understanding and guides the very essence of 'Seaside in Long Beach.'



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