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By starting your holiday preparations early, crafting a delightful mood board, and gradually curating your holiday decor, you not only infuse your space with the magical essence of the holidays but also alleviate the inevitable stress that can accompany this cherished time of year. This proactive approach leaves you with ample time to immerse yourself in the warmth of your loved ones and immerse in the true essence of the season, focusing on the joyous moments that truly matter. Join us on this journey towards a blissfully prepared and stress-free holiday season, where the festivities are about love, laughter, and a home brimming with festive magic.

Creating a mood board is akin to setting the cornerstone in design. The beauty of this approach is its versatility—applicable not only in the realm of design but across all facets of life. By crafting a unique mood board for each holiday, we can channel the essence of the season through overarching themes, color palettes, and a distinctive vibe.

In recent years, the post-pandemic world has witnessed a significant shift in our design preferences, particularly when it comes to holiday decor. We found ourselves yearning for a sense of coziness and comfort, seeking solace in the familiar embrace of our homes. Unsurprisingly, this longing has greatly influenced our holiday adornments. The result? A resounding trend in moody holiday decor—a celebration of warmth and nostalgia.

rediscover tradition: a glimpse into the future

As we venture into the upcoming holiday season, we predict a return to more traditional decor styles. Think rich hues of crimson red and lush moss green, reminiscent of a vintage Santa Claus painting. Imagine a Christmas steeped in the timeless elegance and sophistication akin to a Ralph Lauren aesthetic.

Drawing inspiration from cherished memories, my family's Christmas decor plays a pivotal role in shaping this year's mood board. Growing up, we embraced a dual tree tradition, adorning each with a distinct design tailored to its space.

In our family room, a timeless display unfolded—an embodiment of tradition. The mantle bore the classic red and plush white-trimmed stockings. The tree, embellished with ornaments in varying shades of red and green. Matching plaid ribbons intertwined seamlessly, and the soft, neutral-toned lights cast a warm glow.

Contrastingly, our living room emanated a silver-hued elegance. The tree shimmered with satin silver ribbon and vintage glass ornaments, evoking a sense of understated grandeur. Satin ornaments in varying shades of silver and champagne adorned the branches, culminating in a traditional glass star perched proudly at the top. The stair railings echoed this theme, wrapped in satin ribbon and adorned with twinkling lights.

curate your holiday essence: the power of a mood board

For the mood board below, I blended elements from both aesthetics, adding a touch of current trends and my personal design preferences. This blend allowed me to extract key motifs and colors for my holiday decor this year.

The beauty of this approach lies in its gradual progression. As the holiday or event nears, curate decor over time to fit into the mood board's envisioned aesthetic. It's the perfect way to approach decorating for any event—creating a cohesive and visually appealing outcome.

find your inspiration: explore the possibilities

Below, we've curated a selection of pieces that align perfectly with the aesthetic of the mood board, providing an excellent starting point for my holiday decor. May these selections spark your creativity, helping you find the inspiration for your own holiday decor!


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