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Jenni Kayne Oak Spa

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The Jenni Kayne Oak Spa was a wellness retreat event in Santa Monica. I was fortunate to be invited to experience the Spa and all it has to offer. I was greeted at the door with champagne, a beautiful robe, and shearling slippers. I had 2 separate services while there, an acupuncture facial and a lymphatic massage. The facialist uses all of the new Oak Essentials products combined with a sound bath, a sage cleansing, and acupuncture. The experience was sublime. Next, I received an abdominal lymphatic massage, which felt so clearing and energizing.

My spa day ended with a green drink and a wellness shot. The perfect way to complete a perfect day! I've linked some of my favorite Jenni Items for you here. The Oak Essentials Routine does not disappoint! I've seen big changes in my skin since starting this regimen.


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