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The Jenny Kayne Design House was an experience in comfort and simplicity. The textures and finishes blended seamlessly with the JK furnishings to create a look that was curated, whilst still feeling incredibly cozy and comfortable. Small things like the painted, wooden cabinetry hardware that matched the cabinets, gave the eye a chance to rest. The mix of materials in conjunction with both modern and traditional touches created an atmosphere that was both peaceful and sophisticated. You all know that I love nothing more than a neutral palette so suffice it to say that I was in monochrome heaven here! The use of greenery and vintage accents were additions that made this home feel lived in and livable.

Surrounded by beautiful plant scapes on all sides, the structure itself blended in so beautifully with the surroundings. The use of stone, decomposed granite, and natural wood allowed the structure to become a part of the property.

There were so many opportunities for entertaining! From the front porch, with its stone fireplace, to the movies theater and the terraced backyard...the options were plentiful.

The checked entry floor was one of my favorite design elements along with the extensive use of Portola Paints. I loved that each room flowed seamlessly into the next and that light fixtures were used with restraint.

This home was a true Shangri-La built within minutes of an urban jungle. A respite from the world built into the hillside, allowing for an amazing view! Who wouldn't fall in love. I never wanted to leave!




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