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This year for Halloween I decided to change it up a little. I set a moody, yet, colorful table. I wanted a departure from all of the orange and white that you typically see. It was so fun to infuse some color into my table scape. The black candles give the whole thing a bit of a macabre feeling. I love how the small busts feel historical and a little mysterious. Most of all, I love how it all came together to create something a bit different.

Something I'm embracing right now is breaking the rules. Don't get burdened down with perfection or the expected. Let your creativity fly and don't feel entrapped by a theme! This table was so fun to put together and most of these items were things already owned, just used in a new way. This table is perfect to set up for a Halloween party or a great way to get you inspired for your decor. It felt refreshing to tear a page out of a new book and do something fresh. Why not give your own space a new take on a traditional holiday?


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