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This is a quick synopsis of our delightful evening “In Conversation with Mindy Laven,” hosted at Jenni Kayne Newport Beach.

When I was invited to host this event, I jumped at the chance. As someone who genuinely loves Jenni Kayne, I can confidently say this brand mirrors so many of my values. From their effortlessly chic clothing to their elegant home designs, Jenni Kayne embodies a seamless blend of fashion and decor that I find inspiring. Tonight, I wanted to explore how our personal style, reflected in the clothes we wear, can be a compass for discovering our interior design style. For me, if the world was ending, I’d want to be at Jenni Kayne—surrounded by aesthetic beauty, dressed impeccably, with candles lit and a glass of Rosé in hand. This perfect harmony of fashion and home decor is a vision worth pursuing.

To uncover your interior design style, start with your wardrobe. Think about your favorite pieces and identify a pattern. For instance, my closet is a spectrum of neutral tones—black, white, tan, and denim—with a few splashes of color. This reflects my preference for simplicity and calmness. Using Alison Bornstein’s “three words” method, I describe my style as comfortable (practical), polished (aspirational), and peaceful (emotional). These three words guide not just my fashion choices but also how I shape my living space. As you craft your home, let your personal style inform your design decisions. By aligning your wardrobe’s essence with your interior decor, you create a space that feels authentically you. Thank you all for joining me tonight—explore, dream, and most importantly, stay true to your unique style!



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