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Welcome to our Beach Bungalow project! This endeavor exemplifies that not every renovation necessitates a colossal overhaul. Through a combination of subtle cosmetic enhancements and a couple of significant changes, such as the removal of a cumbersome fireplace that once occupied the heart of the kitchen, we have breathed new life into this home.

As we embarked on the conceptualization of this project, our goal was to redefine the contemporary coastal home. It's all too common to default to the familiar, envisioning beach houses in the traditional hues of coastal blues and bright whites. However, this time, we set out to reimagine the possibilities for a California coastal home. Our color palette, reveals a moodier ambiance, yet retains subtle elements that pay homage to the timeless concept of a beach house.

The Kitchen

The kitchen stands as the place where it all began; the striking marble backsplash and countertop served as the wellspring of inspiration for our entire design. We carefully extracted colors from this exquisite stone and seamlessly incorporated them into our overall vision.


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