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Fill out our inquiry form to connect with us regarding your project. Our projects typically involve comprehensive renovations or new builds, requiring a thorough analysis of each space, including finishes, fixtures, and furniture selections. However, we always leave a little additional room in our schedule for smaller-scale projects that allow for a bit more creative vision.

We can’t wait to hear from you!



Our design process begins by thoroughly evaluating how you live your everyday life. From there, we explore cohesive design directions through visuals to establish the foundation of your project. Our commitment stems from a deep understanding of the role home plays in fostering families, and memories whilst providing a restorative haven. 



Our process walks you through each step of your project. Our team uses precise systems to complete the overview of your design. We are here to guide you throughout each step from plan implementation to installation and completion. Our team will provide the support needed to execute the design and bring it to life in your home. 



We are dedicated to envisioning the most aesthetically pleasing and functional version of your home. Our team meticulously installs each finished project, ensuring that every piece works both visually and functionally for the way you live. We take great pride in each finished home, ensuring it reflects our distinctive signature look and stands the test of time for years to come.


    CREATING A DESIGN VISION FOR YOUR HOME A one hour one-on-one consultation with Mindy addressing any of the following: + Determining your style. + Furniture and layout suggestions. + Paint and color scheme recommendations. + Choosing the proper lighting. + Drapery, pillow tips and accessory selection.
    COLLABORATING ON YOUR CONSTRUCTION PROJECT + Review architectural plans. + Develop an overall design concept for the project. + Create renderings and plans for kitchens and bathrooms. + Choose and select materials, appliances, finishes and fixtures. + Drapery, pillow tips and accessory selection. + Hire us to be your liaison during the construction phase of your next project.
    WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE AND A LITTLE MORE + Freshen up your home with a day of styling. + Hand chosen accessories and soft goods installed by our team. + Art selection and placement. + Furniture arrangement. + Florals and plants to liven your space.
    LET'S CONNECT VIA ZOOM + Let's interface virtually and discuss your design goals. + Bring all of your questions to this virtual consult. + Take this time to discuss all of the things you'd like to achieve. + Create a punch list and timeline for your project. + Start working on your space!

Project Inquiries

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