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The concept for this year's Christmas look is “A California Christmas”. While most take this time of year to do a very traditional maximalist look we wanted to stay true to the California lifestyle. Orange was our preferred accent color, and it was used throughout the decor. We hope this year you feel inspired to do something different!

This years' tree is sparse and filled with white ornaments and dried orange slices. My wrapping is simple and adorned with cinnamon sticks, dried apples and oranges and ribbons in various fabric and sizes.

Following the rest of my Christmas decor, my mantle is adorned with a garland filled with orange slices. We created an askew look by filling one end of the mantle with large candles and offsetting those with plaid Christmas stockings on the opposite side. We love how how clean and simple this years' mantle came together.

Small white homes placed on top of vintage books and garland wrapped around the handrail completes this years Christmas look.



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