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Pumpkin Shaped Baked Brie



pre made puff pastry

apple butter or a jam of your choosing

brie cheese, play around with sizes available at your local market

bakers twine

1 egg, lightly beaten

crackers, for serving

apples, thinly sliced for serving


Lay out a piece of puff pastry and spread some apple butter or your preferred jam in the center of the pastry.

Next place a round of brie on top. If needed us a knife to carve out a large circle around the brie and remove excess pastry. Gather the dough around the brie, bringing the edges up to the top of the brie.

Using bakers twine tie a piece of twine through the center of the pastry covered brie, and then repeat this step as you feel needed to create even pie-shaped segments on the brie. Coat the brie wrapped with pastry with egg wash and bake in the oven at 375 f for 20 minutes.

Once finished, let the brie cool and remove twine, add two sage leaves and a cheese straw to the top of the brie. Serve with your favorite crackers and cut up apple! Enjoy!


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